When we came across this gorgeous tiny house just 45 minutes outside of Barcelona, we knew we had to book a stay there immediately. This “Tiny House on a Vineyard,” as it’s appropriately advertised, requires you to literally walk through vineyards to reach your destination. Between the wine tours, the gorgeous view of the Penedès mountains, and the eco-friendly accommodations, we couldn’t have asked for a better stay with Serena House

how to get there

If you have the opportunity to stay here, you’ve most likely already flown into Barcelona or live in one of the surrounding regions. The stunning scenery across the Penedès wine region makes the travel well worth it.


Driving here is highly recommended. Parking is available at ArtCava, and having a vehicle will make visiting the surrounding wineries much easier. We were able to visit two other wineries, take a trip to the local grocery store for dinner supplies, and even drive to Montserrat mountain the morning after our stay. None of which would have been possible if we’d taken the train. 

Train or Bike

The Lavern-Subirats train station is only a 20-minute bike ride from the tiny house location, and there are bike rentals available next to the station. (Be sure to check their hours ahead of time though!) 

For a fee, someone from the ArtCava staff will also gladly pick you up from the train station for your stay. 

wine tours

My number one suggestion for making the most out of this stay would be to enjoy the wine region for as long as you can. Since we arrived early in the morning before we could check-in, the ArtCava staff kindly helped us find other wineries to visit beforehand. 

Woman Drinks Wine

Originally, we had planned to take a bike riding tour through the countryside, but I completely backed out due to a recent bike accident at home. (Yes, I’m clumsy, and I’m proud!) I would highly recommend biking if you have time though, and the ArtCava staff will be happy to assist you with your planning. 

“Sin” bike, here’s all the wineries we visited by car: 

Albet i Noya

Our first stop was Albet i Noya. This winery has an impressive overlook, excellent wine, and an adorable golden lab that joined us during our tasting. Their friendly staff answered all of my questions (I probably ask too many, but no questions is a dumb one, right?), and it was an excellent way to begin a full day of wining and dining.

Cava Llopart

As we were driving the loop our cycling tour guide had originally shown us, we stumbled upon Cava Llopart completely by accident. Due to the lack of crowds, beautiful scenery, and local array of chocolates available, we decided to stay a while and make it our last stop before heading to Art Cava.

Meeting the staff there made this place feel like a stop at an old friend’s home. After hearing how many questions I had, I suppose the woman working knew we would be open to her having a seat with us. Her family had a rich history of owning wineries in South America, and she had come to Spain to expand her knowledge and be with her husband. There was no shortage of friendly faces at any of the wineries we visited, but the opportunity to relax and enjoy conversation at Cava Llopart was exceptional.


Last but not least, we made our way to our tour of ArtCava: a beautiful winery and check-in location for our tiny house. The staff played a large role in making this the most relaxing stay of our trip to Spain, so it’s no surprise that it was also my favorite winery.

We knew we would be arriving a couple of hours early, so they actually scheduled a tour outside of regular hours just to accommodate us. (No joke! These guys were so kind.) The experience made for the perfect combination of history and wine. Since its beginning in 1730, the winery remains in the family and has been passed down for several generations. The original dwelling remains an integral part of their wine-making process. Ramon enthusiastically walked our group through each room explaining the renovations and how they now use the building to make Spain’s version of champagne, cava.


If you’re not familiar with cava, ArtCava is the perfect place to start, and Ramon is the man to learn from. You could easily tell he loved explaining it and providing an opportunity for us to try their product. There’s no need to worry about unfamiliar tasting rules here! Simply enjoy tossing back the healthy pours of delicious cava. The drink is meant to be enjoyed after a long day and intended to bring people together. We felt more like we were making friends than going to a wine tasting. 

After the tour wrapped up, Ignaci brought over our key and walked us through the rows of grape vines to our humble stay for the night. We were left to enjoy the scenery and make dinner on our own which included a welcome bottle of cava.

the tiny house

I’ve had a fascination with tiny houses for the last few years, and these accommodations only made me more intrigued. When I mention that we stayed here to friends or family, most of the initial questions involve what accommodations were available, and did we have to go to the bathroom outside? Well, the answer is no, but I’m guessing you have plenty of the same questions, huh? Here are the pros and cons:  


There’s a long list of pros to go with these accommodations. Tiny homes designed for tourism as opposed to everyday living can have a luxurious design. In this case, we were greeted by a king bed, large couch that folded into a dining table, quaint kitchen, and a bathroom that included a full (but still tiny) shower. The attached patio was the perfect spot to dine and enjoy our cava together, but most importantly, the simply massive window that takes up one entire wall provides a stunning overview of Montserrat. Can you say i n c r e d i b l e? 


As far as cons go, I’m relatively easy to please, so if you’re someone who is used to sleeping at the Ritz-Carlton when you travel, you may have a different opinion than me. 

There were only two negatives in my opinion: the size of the shower and the wood chips used for the toilet. The shower was a little small, so I can only imagine how my husband felt. Additionally, the toilet didn’t use running water. Instead, there was a small tray with wood chips that you were supposed to scoop on top. It was tolerable for a couple of nights and certainly served its eco-friendly purpose, but it did make me feel a bit like a hamster. I can appreciate Serena House’s effort to remain environmentally friendly though. 

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dining options

While you’ll have plenty of opportunities for lunch foods while touring the various vineyards, dining options for breakfast and dinner are not easily accessible in this remote location. My favorite night and morning on the entire trip though was our sunset dinner and sunrise breakfast. 

An Outdoor Sunset & Dinner

With plenty of cava tasting on the itinerary and restaurants a far drive away, I would highly recommend enjoying the sunset and preparing dinner there (for your safety and others!). The tiny house was equipped with everything you’d need to make a delicious meal. We drove to a local Mercadona to grab supplies, and I was able to make fresh salmon with potatoes and vegetables. My ability to make this is a great indication of the supplies available! 

After having dinner at our foldable couch/table, we enjoyed the sunset as well as our complimentary bottle of cava on the attached patio. Overlooking the rolling vineyards and Montserrat, we could not have asked for a more beautiful sunset. As it got darker, we decided to be kids again (or perhaps we’d just had too much cava) and play some of the board games available in the tiny house. It was the perfect evening. 

An Indoor Sunrise & Breakfast

The large window gives you no choice but to wake up at sunrise, but the delicious breakfast provided by the ArtCava staff makes the morning incredibly peaceful. After spending a few days in Barcelona and Valencia, waking up to the quiet countryside was so peaceful. Plus, this was one of the best sunrises I’ve ever seen, and I witnessed it from indoors! My husband and I were fully awake in time to see someone from the ArtCava staff drop off our breakfast basket. This had to be one of my favorite parts of the experience. It came fully stocked with delicious granola, milk, fresh fruit, and a baguette (in true European fashion). We took full advantage of the patio one last time, and enjoyed our breakfast while admiring the vineyards and mountains from afar. 

other tips

You certainly won’t regret booking an experience with Serena House. Here are a few extra pointers for planning your trip:

  • If you’ve never been to Montserrat, make a weekend trip out of this. Stay here on your way and wake up the following day to either trek or drive to Montserrat. 
  • This was undoubtedly the best place to stay if you’re planning to take a tour through the Penedès wine region during a trip to Barcelona. You could easily stay here for two or three nights and be within close proximity to numerous wineries. There are so many, in fact, that you could easily fill that time with only winery tours. 
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