sus·tain·a·bil·i·ty | \ səˌstānəˈbilədē \

1) of or relating to a lifestyle involving the use of repeatable methods 2) one’s ability to avoid the full depletion of resources

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5 Facts and 5 Charities: How You Can Help Our Amazonian Rainforest

If you’ve checked any social media channel in the past 24 hours, you’ve probably seen coverage of the fires in the Amazon rainforest located in Brazil. Major news outlets are just now reporting on what’s happening despite the fact that the forest has been burning continuously for 3 weeks. These fires are so large that they have covered São Paulo and can be seen

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What Are the Amazonian Forest Fires About?

Recently, news about fire storms in the Amazonian Forest have popped up on social media, and you may be asking yourself what this is all about. As a Brazilian, I have been asked by my friends about my point of view, and I felt like I should know much more than I actually do about Amazonia. The first two things people ask you when you are a Brazilian is about soccer and the rainforest. The feeling of seeing my own country’s garden burning made me feel like I went back to the day we lost the World Cup. Likewise, I see that this is not just a Brazilian problem. Sometimes, we avoid taking responsibility for events that happen outside of our personal neighborhoods. My hometown in Brazil is more than two thousand miles from the Amazon forest, and I am not proud to say that I have never been there.

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Guide To Camping on Playa Flamenco

Puerto Rico wasn’t the only island devastated by Hurricane Maria. Culebra, a small island 18-miles off the mainland’s coast and home to world renowned Flamenco Beach, continues to rebuild after the category 4 storm destroyed homes and businesses across the island. While some of the amenities are still lacking, I’m happy to report that the natural beauty of the beach remains with breathtaking sunrises and clear blue waters. The best way to make a visit is by camping under the stars which is perfect for a weekend or even a one day excursion.

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Tiny House in a Vineyard

When we came across this gorgeous tiny house just 45 minutes outside of Barcelona, we knew we had to book a stay there immediately. This “Tiny House on a Vineyard,” as it’s appropriately advertised, requires you to literally walk through vineyards to reach your destination. Between the wine tours, the gorgeous view of the Penedès mountains, and the eco-friendly accommodations, we couldn’t have asked for a better stay

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