Why do you run or want to start running? I’m guessing you clicked on this article, because you’re a runner now or have hope to be. In any case, more often than not I feel like I hear people complain about running. People DON’T run, because it’s too hard. People DO run, but complain about the mileage. Running doesn’t have to suck. You just have to learn to respond to your body and educate yourself a little if you want to get started as a runner.

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Running exists in more forms than a steady pace for as many miles as you can endure in the mornings, and in all truth, you’re not doing yourself much good to reach your goals if that’s all you’re doing. Whether you’re running to train for a race or to be healthy, I’ll explain a few different workouts you can do to give your routine more of a kick.

Switch up your terrain. If you love your routine and want to stick to basic mileage each day, start changing your terrain. If you’re typically a road runner, ask some buddies where some nearby unpaved trails are located. In turn, run on the road a little if you’re typically on the trails. Pavement is great for timing and intervals, and trails can help develop those stabilizing muscles that you don’t engage on pavement. It’s good to test yourself every once in a while, and a change of scenery makes the miles go by quicker.

Visit a local track. Do you hate running a ton of mileage? Then don’t. You can see some great results just by getting yourself to the track a few days a week. It’s the perfect environment to work on your mental state as you’re striving to hit the perfect times as well as know you’re testing yourself at adequate distances. Go warm-up, and run a ton of sprints. There’s plenty of different kinds of interval workouts. I’ll be sure to do another post on that soon 🙂

Running Doesn't Have to Suck -1Run hills and marine circuits. Work a little harder on your lower and upper body by doing either hill workouts or marine circuits. Doing several intervals on a steep hill nearby can be the literal kick in the ass you need to get over your workout hump. Marine circuits are where you run a half mile to a mile, take a break to do pushups or other variations of ab workouts, and get right back at it. After a few of those, you can be pretty worn out, but every step is worth it. It’s another way to switch things up and avoid mileage.

Since I ran track and cross country in high school, I’ve always loved running, but one of my biggest pet peaves is how hard runners are on their bodies in training. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to listen to your body. Get in a quality hill workout if you didn’t get enough sleep to run those miles for your marathon training. Do an easy run if it feels way too hot out to run hills. Do what makes sense, and running doesn’t have to suck. 

I hope this article helps you find some inspiration, and feel free to reach out with questions 🙂





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