Our AMAZING contributors make  it possible for Well & Wanderful to help you live a more meaningful life. From doctors to fitness instructors to full-time travelers, individuals who are making an impact in the travel and wellness space deserve a place to share their expertise with YOU, and we are happy to be that platform.

Paula Oppermann Santanna

Doctor. World traveler. Nature lover.

Originally from Brazil, Paula brings a beautiful perspective to our group of contributors. After attending medical school and receiving her doctorate, she and her husband knew they wanted to live abroad and jumped at the opportunity to move to Atlanta. Her passion for continuous education and love for integrative medicine make her an incredible resource for people from all walks of life. When she doesn’t have her nose in a book, you’ll probably find her hanging out with family or out in nature. 

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Jessica Rebaza

Nutritionist. Health educator. Avid reader. Yogi. 

Originally from New York City, Jessica attended Columbia University before coming down south to become a bulldog. Lucky for us, she decided to stick around. She shares her love of wellness through numerous roles: health educator, nutritionist, and soon-to-be certified yoga instructor. When she’s not working, you’ll probably catch her reading a good book while cuddling her French bulldog, Luna. 

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Charlotte-Elizabeth Garwood

Charlotte-Elizabeth Garwood - Contributor for Well & Wanderful

Student. Teacher. Foodie. Traveller.

Located in Brighton, United Kingdom, Charlotte-Elizabeth is anything but ordinary. While she is currently a student pursuing a degree in criminal psychology, she also teaches English to Spanish children, teens, and adults. Her content originally focused on life with her eccentric mother but recently expanded into what she’s most passionate about – nutrition. Her CEGS (Cancer Evading Gourmet) recipes aim to inspire others to experiment with food and remove the stigma around diets. When she’s not studying, teaching, or running her business, you can probably catch her daydreaming about future travels to Japan or going for a quick swim. 

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Emma Major

Emma Major - Well & Wanderful Contributor

Travel advisor. Atlanta-native. Runner.

Born and raised in Atlanta and an alumnus of the University of Georgia, don’t let Emma’s loyalty to her roots fool you. Her career as a luxury travel advisor makes her our go-to contributor for any and all travel. Whether you prefer adventure, relaxation, or something unique, she has the skills to plan the perfect itinerary that balances spontaneity with luxury amenities. Outside of her job, she’s constantly on the move – whether it’s visiting new places to send clients or literally being on the move. (Seriously! She’s run a FEW marathons.) You can also catch her as an extra in Season 3 of Stranger Things. We’ll leave the Netflix binging to you to figure out which episode. 

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Elena Nicole

Elena Nicole - Well & Wanderful Contributor

Personal trainer. Lover of food. Mom to Ava.

Originally from Buffalo, New York, Elena transplanted to Atlanta with her family earlier this year. As a holistic health coach and personal trainer, her curated training programs cover all areas of wellness: recipes, workouts, mindset, motivation, and habit development. When she’s not helping women pursue their dream lifestyles, you can probably find her at the park with her little girl, Ava, or planning a trip to one of her bucket list destinations like Europe or Fiji. 

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Gem Munro

Gem Munro - Well & Wanderful Contributor

Entrepreneur. Holistic life coach. Kiwi. 

Dubbed the nickname ‘Kiwi’, Gem moved to Atlanta from New Zealand and had no clue that her passion for wellness would turn into a career. If Gabby Bernstein and Tony Robbins had a baby, you’d have Gem. As a holistic health coach and personal trainer, her programs focus on mastering your energy in a four ways: mindset, nourishment, movement, and connection. Outside of her business, Gem is an animal lover and has visited the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Sanctuary twice. Her dream is to open her own shelter someday. 

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Annette P

Annette P - Well & Wanderful Contributor

Content creator. Plant-based. Adventurer. 

Based in Seattle, Annette P began her Mind, Body, & Rose account to share her plant-based lifestyle. Her content and recipes inspire people to try healthier versions of traditional meals while proving that you don’t have to sacrifice flavor to follow a plant-based nutrition plan. With a focus on using sustainable, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly products, her content also highlights wellness solutions that you can feel good about . In her spare time, she enjoys traveling and exploring the great outdoors. 

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Sarah Brown

Sarah Brown - Well & Wanderful Contributor

Health coach. Fitness instructor. Ice cream enthusiast.

Based in Atlanta and a graduate of Mercer University, Sarah believes in practicing wellness from all angles. Her love for a healthy lifestyle began at a young age – her mom was even making cauliflower mash before cauliflower was cool! After four years as a college athlete, she realized professional golf was not her calling and entered the corporate world. She decided to become a health coach after numerous coworkers started coming to her for advice. Now, she helps people like you live a realistic yet healthy lifestyle – that leaves room for Jeni’s ice cream every now and then!

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Eleni Atmatzi

Certified health coach. Content creator. Wine-lover. 

An Atlanta native and Certified Integrative Health Coach, Eleni graduated from Kennesaw State University’s College of Science and wanted to pursue a field that combined her passion for marketing, wellness, and mental health. She began her blog, Coffee & Concealer, as a creative outlet from her 9-5 job as a social media specialist. Now, her relatable and inspiring content has reached women around the globe. When she’s not working, you can probably find her planning a trip to Greece or drinking a glass (or two!) of wine while she cooks a dinner. 

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Kelly Chase

Kelly Chase - Well & Wanderful Contributor

Business & Mindset Coach. Sports fan. Traveller. 

Kelly is the Atlanta-based founder of ChaseLife – her own business and mindset coaching program. She believes that we all have the right to become who we want to be and activate joy in ourselves as well as those around us. She empowers others to ‘chase life’ and constantly supports others in the community that share in her mission. In her spare time, she loves watching basketball or football, and lately, she’s had an itch to pick up a sport of her own like tennis or golf. She’s also a traveller who dreams of one day taking her family on a vacation to Greece. 

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