1) the existence of an individual human being or animal  2) a time period dedicated to new experiences and constant growth

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4 Ways to Live a Healthy Life

Wellness and self-care has become a top trend in the last year or two. Promoting expensive products and treatments so that you can be your best self – from pricey boutique fitness classes to adding spirulina to your smoothie, it seems like there’s a new trend every year. Celery juice, anyone?! When I work with my health coaching clients, I break down simple habits that make a big

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My Journey as a Health Coach

ey, hey! I’m Kelly Chase, founder of ChaseLife! Originally ChaseLife began as the name of my health coaching business; and over the years, as I have personally self-evolved, it has much more meaning than ever to it. I believe it is our birthright to become who we want to be, serve others, and activate joy not only within ourselves but the lives of everyone we encounter as well. To do this, we must “chase life”; consistently show up for ourselves, empower oneself to become a better version each day, & create the life he/she craves. We go first. As we go within, do the inner healing work, then we can become teachers & guide others to this freedom.

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How to Change Your State

Living in the present moment decreases our levels of anxiety and depression. But what about when
someone or something gets us down in that moment? How do we make sure we continue to vibrate at
the highest level and perform our best everyday without letting outside factors lower our energy?

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What It Means to Be "New": Moving From Brazil to Atlanta

What It Means to Be “New”: Moving From Brazil to Atlanta

Why is it so scary to try something new? Some people dream of new experiences like living abroad or traveling to faraway places. Other people simply deny themselves the possibility, because they don’t want to leave the comfort of their cozy pillow at home. Have you ever stopped and asked yourself why these people are so. . . scared?

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What It Means to Be "New": Moving From Brazil to Atlanta

minha experiência morando em outro país: o novo eu que nos habita

Algumas pessoas têm o sonho de viver coisas novas, como morar em outro país, enquanto isso, muitas outras gostam da ideia, mas falta a coragem. Há também aquelas que, simplesmente, não entendem a possibilidade de sentir felicidade em deixar o conforto de casa e evitam, a todo custo, qualquer tipo de novidade em sua vida. Viver coisas novas é bom, mas assusta.

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why eating healthy is a form of self care

Eating Healthy is a Form of Self-Care

When we think about self-care, images of candle-lit bubble baths and luxurious face masks pop up in our minds. While that takes care of our external body and mind, we should also be taking care of our internal selves. What we eat can directly affect emotional, mental, and physical health. That’s why what we put into our body should be the foundation of a holistic self-care routine. Speaking from my own experience as a nutritionist, I’ve realized that eating healthy is the only thing that truly grounds me.

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Mindful Dieting & Flexitarianism

As a millennial, I grew up in the era of . . . DIETS. From counting calories to counting macros, from the Atkins diet to the Dukan diet, each one puts a focus on eliminating certain food groups (or at least marginalizing them to an extreme). Even Regina Georgia was asking, ” is butter a carb?” Hi there, fellow Mean Girls enthusiasts.
When I was growing up, my mother’s friends were going to Weight Watchers and buying daily slimming smoothies while discussing how many kilos they had lost that week. Although these diets had their benefits, the mindset behind ‘dieting’ was never a topic of discussion. It was only “burnt calories” or “pounds dropped.” The focus on physical health with minimal concern for mental health. The issue with these ‘old school’ diets is the subconscious stress it puts us under to be constantly scrutinizing every morsel touching our lips. How would our bodies respond if we took away this stress?

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Selecting Color and Fabric Palettes for Your Future AirBnB

What’s the best way to ensure you’re starting a design project off right? Selecting the perfect colors and fabrics for your space, AND hiring a fabulous designer like Trish Roe from The Georgian Goose Interiors to help you do it. In preparation for the holidays, we’ve been painting walls and placing furniture deliveries.

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Should You Try Plant-Based Skincare?

What’s your main concern when it comes to your skin? We all have insecurities and deserve to feel confident. Common brands like Revlon, CoverGirl, Estee Lauder, and more work against us though by mass-marketing products with harmful ingredients.  Factors such as lotions, makeup, nutrition, hydration, outdoor exposure, hormones, water pH, and more play a role in the health of our skin, and now, the

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5 Reasons to Start Walking in the Woods

Have you ever gone for a walk in the woods? I say a walk, because that’s truly what hiking is. A simple walk. It can be as difficult or relaxing as you decide to make it. Growing up in the Great Smoky Mountains, I’ve had plenty of experiences hiking, and now that I work 9 to 5, I’ve been missing the days I used to spend on the trails.

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