Charcuteries boards are popping up everywhere, almost everyday, as there is always something to celebrate! The centerpiece of the table, the talk of the party, what lures in the crowd; and not to mention, you’ll receive tons of compliments and inspire others to recreate versions of their own. Charcuteries boards have a beautiful aesthetic and exquisite addition to all parties and gatherings.

Roughly translated, charcuterie is of French origin and translates to “cured meats.” But its 2019, and veganized versions are all the rage. Charcuterie boards, grazing tables, spreads, platters – all customizable to your preference and occasion! Boards customized to cuisine, theme, occasion or just a regular girls night in. One of my favorites is a Mediterranian board with olives, eggplants, grape leaves, roasted peppers, dairy free cheeses, nuts, tzazkiki and hummus dips! I feel like I’m instantly transported to the sandy beaches of the Mediterranian Sea with a glass of vino in hand. I have always enjoyed themed boards –  its festive, fun, coordinates and gets everyone in the celebrating spirit! Envision birthday themed, wine and cheese, Superbowl, 4th of July, Mothers Day, Candy board, Smores board, Cinco de Mayo, the possibilities are endless. I even made a “Fry Board” for National French Fry Day with an assortment of potatoes from Russel, sweet potatoes, yam, and purple potatoes in regular, curly, waffle, and wedge forms, with three different dips! For the all purpose, healthy vegan charcuterie board, I have included a variety of food from dips, cheese, veggies, and fruit.

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