ex·pe·ri·ences | \ ˌikˈspirēəns \

1) sustainable knowledge or skill derived from direct participation in something 2) the conscious events that make up an individual life

Well & Wanderful experiences are designed for those seeking a more passionate and balanced lifestyle. By offering unique travel and wellness events, we hope to create an inspiring and educational environment that fosters friendship, promotes happiness, and teaches sustainable solutions you can use outside of our experiences.  

Single Day Experiences

Short on time? No worries. We realize that a week or even a weekend long retreat may not be in the cards for everyone. That's why we offer one day workshops, unique fitness experiences, and more.

September 7
Decatur Farmer’s Market Meet-Up

October 2019
Smoothie Bar Crawl in Midtown

Tickets Available 9/23/19! 

Weekend Retreats & Excursions

Don't have the funds or the time to attend a longer retreat? We've got you. Our weekend events allow you to use the spare time you do have to focus on yourself. Join us for a retreat or an excursion in your home city.

September 29
Hike, Yoga, & Wine at Yonah Mountain Vineyards

November 2019
Staycation Wellness Retreat (Atlanta)

One to Two Week Retreats

Want to go all-in on self-improvement? We offer that too. Take a week or two, enjoy a beautiful location, and fully dedicate that time to becoming the best version of yourself.

February 2020
Puerto Rico Adventure Retreat

April 2020
Cartagena and Rosario Islands Retreat

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