High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a super efficient way to work out, especially when you are short on time but want to maximize your efforts. During HIIT workouts, you alternate periods of maximum effort (70-80% of max. heart rate / can barely say a few words) with periods of working rest (50-60% of max heart rate / can carry brief conversation).

I love to incorporate HIIT into my weekly workout plan two days a week, because it allows me to be creative and is excellent for fat burning. You can do HIIT workouts on cardio machines, with body weight alone or with one or two pieces such as dumbbells or a kettlebell. They are shorter workouts, but they are meant to be intense. These are also fun to do with a workout partner or small group – so grab a workout buddy and get moving!

Here is a quick bodyweight HIIT workout to try out! 

(You can swap any exercises you want – just adjust your speed + intensity to reach max effort)

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