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Do Anywhere, Full Body HIIT Workout

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a super efficient way to work out, especially when you are short on time but want to maximize your efforts. During HIIT workouts, you alternate periods of maximum effort (70-80% of max. heart rate / can barely say a few words) with periods of working rest (50-60% of max heart rate / can carry brief conversation).


5 Ways to Workout While Traveling

Are you someone that completely gives up on their workout and diet routines when you travel? While traveling is plenty of fun, maintaining a workout routine on-the-go is difficult. Being in a new environment presents its own set of challenges, and it’s hard to be motivated to workwhen I really just want to play.Since I order my ice cream by the “no topping left behind” motto


5 Reasons to Start Walking in the Woods

Have you ever gone for a walk in the woods? I say a walk, because that’s truly what hiking is. A simple walk. It can be as difficult or relaxing as you decide to make it. Growing up in the Great Smoky Mountains, I’ve had plenty of experiences hiking, and now that I work 9 to 5, I’ve been missing the days I used to spend on the trails.