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Healthy Vegan Charcuterie Board

Charcuteries boards are popping up everywhere, almost everyday, as there is always something to celebrate! The centerpiece of the table, the talk of the party, what lures in the crowd; and not to mention, you’ll receive tons of compliments and inspire others to recreate versions of their own. Charcuteries boards have a beautiful aesthetic and exquisite addition to all parties and gatherings. Roughly translated,


4 Ways to Live a Healthy Life

Wellness and self-care has become a top trend in the last year or two. Promoting expensive products and treatments so that you can be your best self – from pricey boutique fitness classes to adding spirulina to your smoothie, it seems like there’s a new trend every year. Celery juice, anyone?! When I work with my health coaching clients, I break down simple habits that make a big


My Journey as a Health Coach

ey, hey! I’m Kelly Chase, founder of ChaseLife! Originally ChaseLife began as the name of my health coaching business; and over the years, as I have personally self-evolved, it has much more meaning than ever to it. I believe it is our birthright to become who we want to be, serve others, and activate joy not only within ourselves but the lives of everyone we encounter as well. To do this, we must “chase life”; consistently show up for ourselves, empower oneself to become a better version each day, & create the life he/she craves. We go first. As we go within, do the inner healing work, then we can become teachers & guide others to this freedom.


How to Change Your State

Living in the present moment decreases our levels of anxiety and depression. But what about when
someone or something gets us down in that moment? How do we make sure we continue to vibrate at
the highest level and perform our best everyday without letting outside factors lower our energy?

+ why eating healthy is a form of self care

Eating Healthy is a Form of Self-Care

When we think about self-care, images of candle-lit bubble baths and luxurious face masks pop up in our minds. While that takes care of our external body and mind, we should also be taking care of our internal selves. What we eat can directly affect emotional, mental, and physical health. That’s why what we put into our body should be the foundation of a holistic self-care routine. Speaking from my own experience as a nutritionist, I’ve realized that eating healthy is the only thing that truly grounds me.


Mindful Dieting & Flexitarianism

As a millennial, I grew up in the era of . . . DIETS. From counting calories to counting macros, from the Atkins diet to the Dukan diet, each one puts a focus on eliminating certain food groups (or at least marginalizing them to an extreme). Even Regina Georgia was asking, ” is butter a carb?” Hi there, fellow Mean Girls enthusiasts.
When I was growing up, my mother’s friends were going to Weight Watchers and buying daily slimming smoothies while discussing how many kilos they had lost that week. Although these diets had their benefits, the mindset behind ‘dieting’ was never a topic of discussion. It was only “burnt calories” or “pounds dropped.” The focus on physical health with minimal concern for mental health. The issue with these ‘old school’ diets is the subconscious stress it puts us under to be constantly scrutinizing every morsel touching our lips. How would our bodies respond if we took away this stress?


Do Anywhere, Full Body HIIT Workout

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a super efficient way to work out, especially when you are short on time but want to maximize your efforts. During HIIT workouts, you alternate periods of maximum effort (70-80% of max. heart rate / can barely say a few words) with periods of working rest (50-60% of max heart rate / can carry brief conversation).


Guide To Camping on Playa Flamenco

Puerto Rico wasn’t the only island devastated by Hurricane Maria. Culebra, a small island 18-miles off the mainland’s coast and home to world renowned Flamenco Beach, continues to rebuild after the category 4 storm destroyed homes and businesses across the island. While some of the amenities are still lacking, I’m happy to report that the natural beauty of the beach remains with breathtaking sunrises and clear blue waters. The best way to make a visit is by camping under the stars which is perfect for a weekend or even a one day excursion.


Do the Damn Thing (And Have Fun Doing It!)

“Nothing will work unless you do.” – Maya Angelou


5 Ways to Workout While Traveling

Are you someone that completely gives up on their workout and diet routines when you travel? While traveling is plenty of fun, maintaining a workout routine on-the-go is difficult. Being in a new environment presents its own set of challenges, and it’s hard to be motivated to workwhen I really just want to play.Since I order my ice cream by the “no topping left behind” motto


Vegan Cauliflower Alfredo Sauce

Did you make the decision to go vegan, and all of a sudden realize. . .  what about alfredo sauce? Well, I’m here to offer you a solution. Since it seems like cauliflower is a substitue for all of our plant-based needs lately, let’s stay on trend with this cauliflower alfredo sauce. Inspired by Crunchy Creamy Sweet’s recipe, use this to replace that cheesy … Read More Vegan Cauliflower Alfredo Sauce


Garlic Shrimp & Asparagus Pasta

It feels like pasta is never healthy, but this pescetarian-friendly version brings a creative twist to a few of your favorite ingredients. Inspired by Primavera Kitchen. Recently, I’ve felt more inspired by Italian and Mediterranean dishes. Since I eat a primarily plant-based diet though, that means I have to get creative. I read through several recipes similar to this one before coming across the … Read More Garlic Shrimp & Asparagus Pasta