What does it mean to be "Well & Wanderful"?

Well (adv.) – being in good health; content; thriving on gratitude; moral

Wanderful (adj.) – Inspiring wander, curiosity, or creativity; extreme intrigue; passion for adventure

Mission Statement

Well & Wanderful provides resources and content to inspire the everyday individual to pursue their passions. No matter what hand you’ve been dealt, you deserve to feel healthy and happy with the life you’ve been given and never lose your burning curiosity to learn, grow, and explore this beautiful world. Join me in becoming well & wanderful! 

About Me

Hi there! My name’s Cassie. I’ve had so much fun designing my own creative outlet, and I’m thrilled to share it with you. As all good bloggers must do though, I’ll share a little about myself before explaining what inspired me to create Well & Wanderful.

I grew up about 30 minutes south of the University of Tennessee and received my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Analytics from there. Growing up in a small town left me with a desire to see the world, but I’ve always been a thrill seeker by nature. In my teens, I was constantly searching for the next adventure. From backcountry camping to skydiving, I would take you up on any opportunity. I mean, why not?

I carried that same spirit with me into college, and I like to think my adventurous side helped me score my incredible husband. Luckily, he drew the reigns back a little, and I’ll always be grateful for how grounded yet motivated he makes me. Shortly after graduating, we married and started corporate jobs. We both had so much to be grateful for: a beautiful new marriage, jobs in our desired fields, a roof over our head, etc. Well, insert real life.

In the midst of all our good fortune, we also experienced plenty of pain. Family members on both sides have been sick over the last year or so, and I lost my dad and grandfather within a week of each other. No one can ever prepare for losing a loved one, but I fell apart. The days I spent trying to put myself back together taught me the most and drove me to pour more effort into myself.

No matter how much we’d like to fight it, life will never be perfect. Every day presents its own set of challenges. To fight, we have to put in as much good as we possibly can ahead of time. Do you put sunscreen on after you’re burned? Didn’t think so. Feeling good about yourself means making healthy nutrition, lifestyle, and self-care choices specific to YOU. If you don’t already have a routine for everything I just listed before sh*t hits the fan, it will make life feel impossible when it does. So, consider the content on my website your lifestyle sunscreen! We all have to take care of ourselves first, so we can be the best person possible for everyone else around us through the good and the bad.

Well & Wanderful will help you discover the passions that will make you the best version of yourself. So often, I see people limiting themselves to the opinions and expectations of others. Take advantage of everything the world has to offer. Ask to work remotely. Book a flight. Take a road trip. Try a new sport. Learn a new skill. Try things just to see if you can accomplish them… After all, what do you have to lose?

My husband and I now work remotely and are in the process of moving to Atlanta. We’ve traveled to Bali, Spain, and Los Angeles over this last year with plans to add more places to our list next year. I like to say I’m wanderfully lost with my soulmate who, even on bad days, continues to learn and grow with me. I appreciate you reading and supporting my site, and I hope you find something inspiring. Everyone deserves to feel well and wanderful.



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