Well & Wanderful is the premier online destination for people who want to live a passionate and balanced life — covering sustainable wellness, travel, and lifestyle. 

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background & mission

Founded in Atlanta in 2019, Well & Wanderful is a digital media and wellness brand dedicated to helping people live life to the fullest. 

Created for those seeking a more passionate and balanced lifestyle, Well & Wanderful offers content, products, and experiences designed to inspire a more meaningful life. In doing so, our goal is to equip you with sustainable solutions that include more of what you love while encouraging you to become the best version of you. 

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What does it mean to be "well & wanderful"?

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well (adv.)

being in good health; content; thriving on gratitude; moral

wanderful (adj.)

inspiring wander, curiosity, or creativity; extreme intrigue; passion for adventure

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As children, we're told we can grow up to be anything: doctors, astronauts, marine biologists, or even presidents. We don't stop growing as adults, so why do we have to stop dreaming?

Cassie McCracken, Founder
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Meet the Founder

Adventure-seeker. Wife. Dog mom. Editor. Photographer. Altruist. 

Originally from Knoxville, Cassie McCracken received her degree in Business Analytics from the University of Tennessee. Following graduation, she began work in the media industry. While she loved her job, she knew there had to be another option with more time for everything she loved: exciting experiences, healthy eats, learning new things, family, and friends. Most importantly, she wanted to share her research and methods for living this meaningful lifestyle on a broader scale. She created Well & Wanderful in an effort to inspire and encourage others to pursue their passions. 

Social Media Strategist

Social Media Strategist - Claire Nutter

Claire Nutter

Originally from St. Louis, Claire transplanted to Atlanta after serving with the Peace Corps in Colombia. Her background and belief in the importance of community made her the perfect choice to manage our social media platforms. She loves a good cup of coffee, connecting with others, and cooking new vegetarian recipes. 

Community Coordinator

Coming Soon! 

Well & Wanderful will be accepting applications soon for a Community Coordinator position. If you are interested, please e-mail cassie@wellandwanderful.com

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