Africa is a beautiful and rare destination that remains relatively untouched by the tourist masses. It has natural beauty, mixed with authentic culture and vibrant cities. It is the perfect getaway to reset, re-center, and relax. 

Each country in Africa is incredibly unique. Namibia, to the East, is distinguished by containing both the desert and ocean. Neighboring Botswana features iconic river safaris where you can witness hippos and crocodiles co-mingling. Zimbabwe next-door showcases Victoria Falls where the Zambezi river thunders below into a massive waterfall. In December and January, the water levels are low enough to where you can sit on the edge of the falls in what’s called Devil’s Pool! 

Finally, South Africa spans the entire Southern tip and is known for its variety of ecosystems. Cape Town is a bustling city, reminiscent of San Francisco, with dramatic cliffs and wild oceans.

The city is known for adventure. You can cage-dive with great white sharks, bungee jump on the world’s highest bungee, ride an ostrich and of course, see the Big Five in Kruger National Park. What’s the Big Five? It’s five animals that have become iconic in the region, but originally got their recognition from being the hardest animals to hunt by big-game hunters. The Big Five includes lion, elephant, leopard, rhinoceros, and cape buffalo. Regardless of your travel style, Africa is a destination not to be missed. 

Still not sold on Africa? Here are 10 photos that might convince you otherwise. 

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